Novelty or the future? Job recruiters weigh up the value of video resumes

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When TikTok launched its resume feature this summer, it was trying to tap into a market for young professionals and graduates looking for jobs.

Video resumes, where candidates film a short clip laying out their qualifications and fit for a job, have been around a while but TikTok’s move into the area shone a fresh light on the job-hunt tactic.

Jonathan Javier’s career consulting firm Wonsulting collaborated with TikTok on its feature.

“It’s sort of like a tell-me-about-yourself. It’s something you won’t necessarily see on a black and white paper but you dive a little bit deeper into it,” Javier told CNBC.

“Give a quick introduction of yourself, your background, are you first generation. For me, I would say I’m first generation, I come from a Filipino background, I graduated or am currently at XYZ school, talk about your occupation and talk about what you’re currently doing right now. Talk about your past experiences that are relevant to that job or company.”

Video resumes are still a rarity for most jobs but have gained some traction among tech start-ups. 

“A video resume helps show enthusiasm level and give you a feel for the person. I have definitely chosen to interview and hire candidates in part because they did a video resume. That said, I think a video resume is best combined with a written resume,” Shaun Heng, vice president of operations at CoinMarketCap, said.

Tyler Lessard, chief video strategist at Canadian video analytics firm Vidyard, is also a fan but advises that videos are kept succinct.

“The purpose of the video is not just to say what’s already on your resume so don’t just use it as a way to walk through your past experience and education,” he said.

“It’s important that these aren’t too long. As much as you might draw someone in, they’re usually not going to spend any more than one to two minutes watching a video, even for a very interesting candidate.”


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