Save on Nanoleaf’s new Elements wood LED wall panels

Kicking off these deals on the smart home lighting front, the Nanoleaf Elements light-up wall panels — just released in the summer — have a nice discount at Best Buy. The wood accent hexagon-shaped panels are $50 off for a seven panel kit, bringing them down to $250. If you want to go beyond seven you can opt for a three panel expansion kit for $80 (saving you $20). These panels are customizable and you can connect up to 22 of them in one contiguous pattern.

You may be familiar with the colorful Nanoleaf panels that are popular with Twitch streamers and YouTubers, but the Elements promise a more refined look with their wood grain and white illumination that ranges from cool to warm tones. When turned off their subtle wood aesthetic still complements a room without looking like light panels that have gone out.

Nanoleaf Elements

The Nanoleaf Elements are a unique spin on smart lighting, with a wood look that’s designed to be an attractive accent element in the home even when not illuminated. The LED panels can be arranged in a layout of your choosing.

Also on the smart home front, Best Buy is offering several great deals on Philips Hue lighting through their Geek Squad-certified refurbished offers. Our top pick is the multicolor LED Starter Kit with three bulbs, Bridge, and dimmer switch, all for $135. In addition to that, there are some nice options for accent lighting with the Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip 65” for $225 (a savings of $25) and a two pack of Hue Play Smart LED light bars for $100 (saving you $50).

Either of those can do wonders to a room or entertainment center setup for some added drama, while the starter kit can outfit an entire bedroom and give you easy control with the dimmer. If you’re in need of a Hue Bridge for some bulbs you have already invested in from a prior deal, Best Buy also has the 2nd-generation Bridge for $40 (saving you $20).

Philips Hue LED Starter Kit multicolor

The Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LED Starter Kit is an all-in-one solution for getting into a smart lighting system with enough bulbs and accessories to light a small-to-average size room. The package includes three E26 bulbs, a dimmer switch, and a Hue Bridge for connectivity.

Bose’s line of Bluetooth-enabled audio sunglasses are pretty unique. They come in a few different styles, with some models looking more casual and sleek while others more fitting for action. Right now there are some noteworthy deals on both the Bose Frames Tempo and Bose Frames Tenor at multiple retailers. Both offer wireless audio that does not block your ears or prevent you from hearing things in your vicinity, which can be very helpful when riding a bike, commuting, or just roaming some city streets. Best Buy has both the Tempo and Tenor for a discounted price of $224, knocking $25 off the price of each. Additionally, you can get the same pricing from Amazon for the Tempo and B&H has the Tenor. Read our Bose Frames Tempo review here.

Bose Frames Tempo

The Bose Frames Tempo are Bluetooth-equipped audio sunglasses that fit right in with an active lifestyle. They don’t cover or obstruct your ears, to stay alert to the outside world while enjoying music or a podcast. They also conveniently charge via USB-C.

Bose Frames Tenor

The Tenor are one of the more stylish, everyday wear options from the Bose Frames lineup. These audio sunglasses feature polarized lenses housed in a water-resistant nylon frame. They offer five-and-a-half hours of Bluetooth audio that doesn’t obstruct your ability to hear your surroundings.

The Nintendo eShop is offering some of its best deals on a whole slew of excellent titles during its Blockbuster Sale running through October 3rd. There are amazing indie games to choose from at some of their best-yet prices, like Overcooked! 2 for $8.49, Ori and the Will of the Wisps for $19.49, The Messenger for $8, Dicey Dungeons for $5.09, Axiom Verge (no relation) for $8, and many more. Though our top choice might have to go to Hades, which has matched its historical low on the eShop at $17.49, but it’s truly priceless. Read our review.


A roguelike action RPG developed by Supergiant Games, now on PS4 and Xbox in addition to Nintendo Switch and PC.


  • Anker’s Powerbank Slim 10,000mAh power bank is just $15 on Amazon when you use promo code ANKRSD1229. It’s not the fastest outputting charger out there, but that’s a more than modest amount of on-the-go juice for just 15 bucks.
  • Aukey’s Minima 20W PD USB-C charger is incredibly compact, and when you use promo code MINIMA it’s just $5. This is one of the smallest chargers on the market that can deliver 20W to an iPhone or other quick-charging phone.

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