Colombia uses gamification to teach youth about crypto and stock trading – EconoTimes

Colombia is investing over $30,000 to develop a gamified app, as well as a board game and book to educate the youth about investing in cryptocurrencies and the stock market.

The game, dubbed “B Coin: Learn to Invest in the Stock Market,” simulates retail trading experience.

Proposed by Henry Jean Velásquez, the game was in response to a government appeal for innovative projects to foster financial literacy among young Colombians.

The proposal was issued as part of the CREA Digital Call 2021 framework.

As a winner, Velásquez will receive around $31,000 and will be expected to present a transformed version of his proposed game in the form of a downloadable graphic novel for Windows and Android in November.

Velásquez will also produce the board game and book by March 2022 to support the project.

Research conducted by Velásquez’s company, Gameday, revealed that only one percent of Colombian schools teach economic literacy.

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