Why It Pays To Lock In Your Super Bowl Bets Before Playoffs Kickoff

After 18 weeks of action, the field is finally set for this year’s NFL Playoffs. With the action slated to get underway Saturday, MyBookie Head Oddsmaker David Strauss advises locking in your Super Bowl wakers prior to the kickoff of the first Wild Card game.

The reason? Super Bowl lines will dramatically change week-to-week. So, if you have a good feeling about a team, jump on them before their odds shift.

Which team between the Packers and Chiefs deserves the longer look to win Super Bowl 56?

According to Strauss, the Packers (+330) are a much better play than the Kansas City Chiefs (+390). The Chiefs lost to the other four division winners.

Tennessee beat Mahomes and his mates 27-3. The Bengals got by Kansas City 33-31, and the Bills blasted KC 38-20. Kansas City should beat the Steelers on Sunday. But after that, things get demonstrably tougher.

Green Bay is the class of the NFC. Not only that, but the road to the Super Bowl is likely to go through Lambeau, which means Green Bay has a home field edge. That’s something Kansas City doesn’t have. 

Which teams under +1000 besides GB and KC have the best chances of winning the Super Bowl?

Every team under +1000 can win the Super Bowl. A couple stands out, though.  

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+710) are healthy on defense and offense. Save for Chris Godwin’s absence, most of Brady’s targets are ready to roll. For the first time since Week 1, the entire Tampa secondary will start. Also, TB plays Philadelphia this weekend, which means the Bucs have the easiest road to the divisional playoffs. 

The other team to consider backing is the Tennessee Titans (+730), Derrick Henry will be healthy enough to play in the divisional round. The Titans have home field throughout the playoffs and the defense has become one of the top units in the league.

Buffalo (+690) can win the Super Bowl. But the Bills face rival New England in their wild card game. That contest could go either way. If the Bills beat New England, they may have to travel in the divisional round.  

Which team among the Cowboys, Bengals, 49ers, Cardinals, and Patriots has the best shot of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy?

All five teams have the talent to win Super Bowl 56. Dallas (+1070) has one of the best offenses in the league and a dynamite defensive line.

The Patriots (+1925) have the pedigree, a smart quarterback, a good rushing attack, and, like always, a strong defense. All four of those teams can win the Super Bowl, but the team among this oddsmaker has his eye on are the San Francisco 49ers (+2100).

Deebo Samuel might be the most unique player in the league. The combo running back and wide receiver can do it all. He’s impossible to cover even if you put a couple of defensive backs on him.

Jimmy Garoppolo appears to have gotten over the thumb issue and the defense is finally healthy. Also, SF made it to the 2020 Super Bowl. So, the 49ers have experience.  

Which underdog among the Raiders, Eagles, and Steelers is the best Super Bowl play?

It’s difficult to back the Eagles (+5400) because they sort of lucked into the playoffs. 5 of Philly’s final 6 wins came against bad teams, the Giants and Washington twice, and the Jets once. 

The Raiders (+4400) shouldn’t be good enough to beat the Chiefs, Bills, or Titans. But don’t be surprised if  Las Vegas upsets Cincinnati (+1700) on Saturday.

So, we’re left with the Steelers. Could 7-seed Pittsburgh (+6400) possibly upset the Chiefs on Sunday and then take down the Titans in the divisional round?

Don’t sleep on ‘em! First, T.J. Watt, who had 22.5 sacks this season, is finally one-hundred percent healthy. Second, nobody will out coach Mike Tomlin. Third, Najee Harris has turned into an excellent NFL running back.

And finally, Big Ben and his teammates are motivated. The Steelers may have more heart than any team in the NFL Playoffs. If you want to take a shot on a huge underdog – go with Pittsburgh.

No matter what teams your decide to bet – consider the following.

1. Defense Wins ChampionshipsIf you’re in a pinch, and you just can’t decide on who to take, go with the team with the better defense. The adage says that defense wins championships, and over the last few seasons, that has proven to be true. Look at last year’s Super Bowl. Tampa Bay had a stellar defense that was able to shut down Patrick Mahomes and the high-powered Kansas City Chiefs offense. 

2. Make Some Money With Live BetsWith only 1 game being played at a time, it’s much easier to shift all of your focus to that one particular game. You can take a look at some of the prop bets, you can literally play the game along with the team.

3. If You’re Confident……Parlays can earn you a lot of money. With six Wild Card round games, you have the opportunity to group three or four games together, and if you get all of them right, wagering just little bit of money upfront can earn you a boatload on the backend.

4. Consider the WeatherWeather can play a huge role in the outcome of a game. Depending on the teams – the weather can be helpful or harmful. The weather can also play a huge role in point totals. If you expect windy and wet conditions – hurry to bet before the rest of the public catches on and lines shift. 

Super Bowl Betting Odds to Win Via

• Green Bay Packers +330

• Kansas City Chiefs +390

• Buffalo Bills +690

• Tampa Bay Buccaneers +710

• Tennessee Titans +730

• Los Angeles Rams +870

• Dallas Cowboys +1070

• Cincinnati Bengals +1700

• New England Patriots +1925

• San Francisco 49ers +2100

• Arizona Cardinals +2100

• Las Vegas Raiders +4400

• Philadelphia Eagles +5400

• Pittsburgh Steelers +6400

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