How to Find Your Personal Style in 3 Easy Steps: Personal Style Tips

Question: what is personal style, and why are fashion people so obsessed with it? Influencers flaunt it, stylists try to create it, and editors seek to define it—but nailing down your own, one-of-a-kind “look” can be more elusive than you’d expect.

The benefits are obvious: there’s the ease of knowing which garments suit you, and which fall way outside of your style scope. (That’s a lot of money saved at Net-A-Porter.) Second, having a well-defined aesthetic helps you to communicate who you are to the world. There’s a reason that everyone couples the little black dress with Audrey Hepburn’s classy, polished decorum.

The same goes for corsetry—it conjures memories of Madonna’s edgy, nonconforming performances through the ’80s. Personal style shows a mastery of fashion’s very essence: expressing yourself with what you wear.

Sometimes, sticking with a defined aesthetic amid ranging influences and shifting trends can be difficult. (Raise your hand if TikTok made you believe that buying butterfly clips were a good idea for a split-second.) So, the question is: how should someone go about finding their personal style?

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