Black Twitter Celebrates American Hero Stacey Abrams

Rev. Raphael Warnock is the projected winner of the Georgia Senate runoff, unseating GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Black Twitter is overjoyed.  A CBS News exit poll showed that Warnock received 92% of the Black vote, 66% of the urban vote and 67% of the vote from Georgia voters under the age of 30. 

With Warnock set to become Georgia’s first Black Senator, former gubernatorial candidate and voting rights advocate Stacey Abrams is the driving force that lead voters and Georgia to a victorious win. 

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“Congratulations to our next US Senator, [Raphael Warnock],” Abrams tweeted shortly after the projected results were announced. “Last January, I endorsed my dear friend in his quest to serve. Soon, he will walk those august halls and cast votes as a leader with courage, justice and integrity. God bless you and keep you in your service to us all.” 

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Applauding Abrams for her successful feat, take a look at how Black Twitter delivered their appreciative remarks.

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