2023 Ford Bronco Raptor revealed with minimal camouflage

A couple months ago, Ford finally confirmed what we had all assumed was coming: a Ford Bronco Raptor. Now, thanks to Bronco Nation, we get a real glimpse of the burly beast in thin camouflage instead of just some up-close teasers. A lot of it is expected, but there are some interesting surprise details.

Just like in the teasers, this Raptor prototype features unique amber LED daytime running lights. They should pair well with the additional small amber marker lights synonymous with the Raptor, but also required by federal law for particularly wide vehicles. The grille looks much more open than those on other Broncos, likely to feed the high-output turbocharged V6. And of course, it has bold “FORD” lettering in the middle like its big F-150 cousin.

Around the sides are far wider fender flares, which are there to house what Bronco Nation says are 37-inch tires. Interestingly, the wheel openings are no longer round, but rather angular, more like what you would find on a Jeep Wrangler. And at the back, the main changes are in the lights. The main taillights have a dark tint to them, and the third brake light is wider and contains the mandated rear running lights that mirror the fronts.

Ford has previously announced that the Bronco Raptor will go on sale in 2022. Bronco Nation says more specifically that it will arrive in the summer. So we would expect to see a full reveal in just a few months with far more specific details.

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