“Never Have I Ever” Stars Ramona Young And Lee Rodriguez Revealed They Are Both #TeamPaxton

2. What was your favorite behind-the-scenes memory from the set of Never Have I Ever?

Ramona: [Giggles] My favorite [memories] are the ones that are super embarrassing, especially when Lee gets embarrassed, so I’m not going to say it…
Lee: Wait, no say it! I want to know what it is.
Ramona: You do? Alright, Lee, I’m about to put you on blast. So, there was this dance scene…
Lee: AHHH! Never mind, never mind, never mind. I take it back!
[Writer’s note: The three of us went back and forth about this scene, but Lee ultimately decided that it was, in fact, too embarrassing.]Ramona: OK, I have a different one. One time, we had a long break, and me, Lee, and Jaren (Lewison, who plays Ben Gross)…took a walk around the Universal lot.
Lee: Yeah, me and Ramona were afraid we were going to get in trouble.
Ramona: And it was scary! It was night time, so I couldn’t see, and I tripped a lot…it was a whole thing. But it was a good time.
Lee: You know when you’re on the tram tour, and there’s the Jaws set? We walked through there, and it was around Christmastime, so there were lights everywhere. We took so many pictures.
Ramona: We also checked out the houses from Desperate Housewives, which was actually scary because they were dark and abandoned. But, we had a good time.

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