My Classic Car: Reliving high school memories in a 1962 Corvette

In 1966, when I was in high school, my best friend from kindergarten, grade school and high school would pick me up every morning in his Corvette. Fifty-five years later, I was getting close to recapturing my high school days and buying a classic Corvette.

I was unsure of the year my friend’s Corvette was but assumed it was a 1962. I hadn’t talked to him since high school, so I decided to track him down somewhere in Arizona.

I found his business online and called the office. The receptionist said he no longer worked there but asked who I was and told me to hang on for a minute. She returned and said she had just been on the phone with him and gave me his number.

I called immediately and there he was. After a minute of formal hellos and how have you beens, I asked him if the Vette he had in high school was a ‘61 or a ‘62. He said ‘61.

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